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Beans Close Double Digits Weaker
Soybeans dropped through the day session and closed near the lows for the first trading day of the week. March contracts were the weakest with a 19 cent loss for the day. Soymeal futures ended the day down by $3 to $5.30, despite the export business announced this morning. That...
Wheats Rally Double Digits on Monday
SRW wheat futures closed the day with a 3.3% gain in the Dec contract, and with 17 cent gains for the other front months. KC HRW futures settled the Monday session 10 to 11 ¼ cents in the black. Spring wheat was mostly left out as gains were limited to...
Cattle Post New Lows for the Move
The nearby live cattle futures fell another triple digits, led by a $2.05 drop for Feb. Feeders were also red on Monday, closing the session with $3.65 to $3.90 losses of as much as 1.8%. There were no confirmed cash trades on Monday, though trade last week was mostly $174-$175....
Corn Closed Fractionally Mixed to Start the Week
Corn began the new week of trading with a fractionally mixed start, ending with a ¾ cent gain in March and a ¾ cent loss in Sep. The daily reporting system had a 267,044 MT private corn sale to Mexico. USDA reported 1.158 MMT of corn was shipped during the...
Hogs Finished Mostly Higher on Monday
Front month lean hog futures were $0.70 to $1.17 higher at the closing bell for the first trade day of the week. Feb contracts settled more than $1 off their session high. The increasingly thin Dec contract dropped by 55 cents. The National Average Base Hog price was 7 cents...
Cotton Fades on Monday
Cotton dropped on the first trade day of the week to close 63 to 74 points in the red. March futures were less than 10 points off their daily low at the settle. The Dollar Index was higher on Monday. The Cotlook A Index was 60 points stronger at 90.30...

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