Agronomy Apprentice

This position provides the opportunity to work with alongside a United Cooperative agronomist to assist growers to provide solutions that maximize both the yield and profitability of their crop operation. United Cooperative will provide an environment for the apprentice to develop knowledge to solve problems with the grower in the following manner: maximize soil health by implementing a variety of fertilizer programs, select the best seed hybrid based on field characteristics, monitor plant health through the growing season and recommend crop protection programs. The end result will improve the sustainability and productivity of grower crops. Agronomists will eventually graduate to full agronomist and work with existing members on their own, and will be encouraged to seek out growers outside our cooperative system


Elevator and Agronomy Operations


This position involves grain handling and agronomy warehousing. The applicant will be responsible for the following:


  • To execute the daily grain handling needs including receiving and loading grain trucks.
  • To assist in agronomy warehousing by handling seed shuttles and chemical totes
  • To maintain a clean facility through strong housekeeping habits.
  • To execute seasonal anhydrous needs as determined by the agronomy manager
  • To maintain equipment and service utilized equipment
  • All other duties asked by supervisor or General Manager