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Cattle Rallying on Thursday, with Stronger Cash Bids
Live cattle futures are trading with midday strength, as contracts are up 50 cents to $2.35. Cash trade has been quiet this week, with Thursday’s Central Stockyards Fed Cattle Exchange auction showing sales of $191 on a couple TX lots using their BidTheGrid™. Outside of that, there have been bids...
Hogs Slipping Lower on Thursday
Lean hogs are weaker so far at midday, with contracts down 10 to 55 cents. The USDA National Base Hog price was reported not reported on Thursday morning due to light volume. The CME Lean Hog Index was $90.77 on July 23, up 69 cents from the previous day. This...
Cotton Trade Reverting Higher
Cotton futures are trading with 19 to 32 point gains so far on Thursday, despite a weaker morning trade and lower export data. The outside markets may be having some affect, as crude is well off the morning lows and up 53 cents at $78.12/barrel. The US dollar index is...
Corn Bulls Holding Higher on Thursday
Corn futures are trading with 2 to 4 cent gains so far through midday, as the week’s marginal rally continues. The Western Corn Belt remains dry for the next week, with some mild showers expected in the three main Eastern Corn Belt States. Weekly Export Sales data showed 331,380 MT...
Wheat Falling on Weaker Export Data
Wheat futures are trading with weaker action on Thursday across the three exchanges. Chicago SRW futures are down 6 to 8 cents at midday. Kansas City HRW contracts are down 4 to 6 cents. MPLS spring wheat is down another 3 to 6 cents. Updated Export Sales data released this...
Soybeans Propped Up by Meal Rally
Soybean futures are posting 9 to 18 cent gains so far on Thursday, as meal is helping to push things higher. Soymeal futures got a positive export sales report, with midday price action up $8.40/ton. Soy Oil futures are the weak spot of the complex again today, with losses of...

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